Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Despite the many that say leggings aren't pants, I believe they can be. But there are rules to strutting this comfortable leg-wear. Whether they're leather, pleather, metallic, printed or just the old black cotton faves, we need to spread the word. I'm sure somewhere in the world (@Miranda Kerr's house) there are girls who can acceptably wear leggings without covering their behind, but most of us shouldn't. Secondly, don't think the same leggings you wear to yoga are going to cut-it for a night out - they can't look worn out. And because leggings are skin-tight, try to balance the look with a more flowing top, or if you must go with something fitted make sure to add a jacket. Finally, think about where you are going. Leggings as pants aren't appropriate for all occasions. Celebs below have passed the leggings as pants test. xx

Lauren Conrad
Teresa Palmer
Kim Kardashian

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