Saturday, 3 August 2013

Thrifty chickies

I am a shopaholic but I'm wise with my money. A huge part of my shopping habits is making sure I sell clothes I no longer wear or like so I can free up money to buy more! eBay is my sale platform of choice as there are always good deals, like right now there are no listing fees for the first 40 things you sell each month. It's also a safe way to sell with very few cases (in my experience) of people not completing payment.

Thrifty selling tips:

  • Whenever I buy an item, I jump online and save its image. Having quality images of the clothing on a model or just photographed well on its own makes the item and your listing more appealing.
  • Keep a stockpile of shopping bags from stores so when you sell on your item you can package it nicely. The buyer will appreciate the gesture and it will encourage them to buy from you in future.
  • Several items I've sold for a profit. Sometimes this is because the item was highly sought-after and people are keeping an eye out for it on eBay as it has sold out in stores - they're willing to pay more for something they really want. Other times I've been able to purchase items for a sale price and then sell for the recommended retail on eBay.
  • Don't over-complicate your listing. Buyers need to know the type of item, brand, name of the item (if applicable), size, condition and I sometimes include the recommended retail price if I am selling for a lot less - so buyers are aware they can get a bargain. Any other information is probably unnecessary.
  • If it doesn't sell the first time, re-list it. At times I've almost given up on items but then even after two months on eBay they might sell. I sometimes slowly reduce the selling price, depending on the initial value listed.
  • Anything I can't get a least $20 for, or is a little bit worn, I give to friends or charity to cleanse my wardrobe. It doesn't fill your purse but doing good is still rewarding.
Right now I am selling this Bardot Santorini tunic bidding starting at $45. I paid $89.95 in store last season and have only worn the top once. xx

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