Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The five W's of white

Many of us think white shoes should only be reserved for the big day walking down the isle. Open your wardrobe and you might find shoes in black, tan, neutrals and all colours of the rainbow, but white probably remains to be seen. Thankfully, trend-setters are turning the tables in time for spring and summer!



The perfect white shoe is ideal for complementing a busy patterned outfit like geometric and floral. Often we reach for a nude tone in this situation. White can also add to an already simplistic outfit, for example navy pants and a nude blouse or denim jeans and a marle grey tee.

Whenever! It's true white shoes go better with outfits in the warmer months - but don't completely shy away from some white pumps in winter. Just don't go out in the mud.

No rules apply...but maybe not your best friend's wedding.

Because you owe it to your wardrobe. Owning even just one pair of clean white stems opens up a whole new world of opportunity instead of reaching for black, tan or nude.

and what the?
Avoid white shoes that are too strappy. There's plenty around but this can easily achieve a tacky look. And I prefer not to pair white footwear with a block bright colour, especially red. And white plus diamantes = stripper pole.

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